Blood Lines Vol.1

Warpaint Records and KJ Sawka’s Impossible Records unite to form a full-on bass assault. The beauty of Blood Lines, Vol. 1 is that the two labels provide strength together. These songs are proof of that.

KJ Sawka elaborates: “Together we know that we can have a positive impact on the community as a whole and hopefully inspire artists and labels alike to come together instead of competing. We believe in rising together as one family with a common goal, heal the world through music.

Warpaint Records may be a young label—formed in 2015 by brothers Kris and Jeffrey Ware—but they pack a punch with their impressive roster.

From the savage sounds of English Lit to Archetikt to Bass Craft, Blood Lines is a bass connoisseur’s dream.  Dig in and sample some of the finest 21st Century bass culture.

Listen here 

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