Warpaint Records offer’s Premium services to artist and businesses trying to achieve a professional brand . We care about people and want to provide them with access to resources that they may need. Feel free to explore our different services, you can harness the whole power of Warpaint’s creative staff to assist in materializing your dreams. With a wide range of creative services spanning graphic design, website design, Mixing & Mastering, One on One production lessons, social media management and consulting; Warpaint Records has a professional specialist to work with and for you.

Mixing & Mastering

Get your song Mixed & Mastered by a seasoned Warpaint Records Engineer for a professionally polished sound.

Web Design

Get a custom Website designed by one of our seasoned web developers. Take your brand to the next level with a professional site.

Graphic Design

Need a new logo, Cover art, Flyer, etc? Use our seasoned in house graphic designer to get the job done.

Social Media Mgmt

Enjoy the expertise of our social media team and let us pilot your pages.


If you need help launching your brand, Label, clothing line, DJ career or business inquire about our consulting services. We will provide you with the necessary tools, methodologies and skills to succeed.

Production Lesson

Are you looking to take your production to the next level? Enjoy 1 on 1 lessons with your favorite Warpaint Records producer or learn from seasoned Icon Collective graduates about music production, mixing and mastering.

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