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Are you looking to get that sonic quality that you’ve dreamed about? Have you spent hours on end on your mix and master and  still haven’t achieved the results you desired? If so, no need to worry. Here at Warpaint Records you can utilize our veteran Mixing & Mastering engineers to bring out the sonic excellence of your tracks.  Your mix and master could be the difference in your song getting signed, licensed or even supported by an A-list DJ. With that being said don’t make the mistake of having an unpolished track be the reason you missed out on a big opportunity; let us mix and master your track. After spending hours on end composing your track why wouldn’t you want to make sure it had the final polish it needed to shine? For as low as $100 you can sound like a pro, and given the thousands of dollars you can make from licensing and shows that’s a pretty solid investment. Let us mix and master your tracks to perfection and open the doors of opportunity for you. All you need to do is click the link below to get started.

Get your track Mix and/or Mastered today!


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