As the Warpaint Movement continues the march on its new warpath, we present you with another fresh release to propel our crusade onward. Our last record marked a milestone in the evolution of Warpaint, and the debut of our newest artist addition FOMO is serving to compound our progression. Featuring the soulful vocal work of the lovely miss Aybe, Missing You embodies the emotional sensation that we are all familiar with: missing an unreachable love.

John Mullinix has been an integral member of our faction since day one. From his work as Warpaint’s label manager to his efforts in his former duo project The Socialytes, there is no denying the importance of his contributions to the Warpaint Movement. And with the debut of his new solo project FOMO, Mullinix continues to drive Warpaint forward with a passion. Missing You is available now! Grab your copy and join the movement on this new journey.

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