We are very proud to announce Z0uЯ and Twang’s debut release with the Warpaint Tribe, featuring Warpaint mainstay Control’s vocals peppered throughout, this tune lives up to the hype. Starting off, the squad drop you into a dream-like atmosphere, where luscious arpeggios and hard hitting snare’s rule. Things get a little darker once Control steps up to the microphone, as he flows about how we all can make an impact on the world, if we would only try. Once the drop hits your chest, you can feel the impact we’re talking about… Cops in riot gear in the streets you better step back, either way, we’re not afraid; it’s time we made an impact!!! With this being Z0uЯ’s debut digital release with us we caught up with him and wanted to ask him a few questions:

What was your inspiration for the track?

The inspiration for this track came from a long drawn out spell of writers’ block, that almost felt like magic while writing it with it Dave, AKA Twang. Every idea we both had flowed back and forth fluently, day in and day out; in the studio, on Bluetooth speakers, car stereos, and pretty much any setting with Ableton and sound made this all possible. Control’s vocals rounded off the concept for the track, and made the impact that much more apparent.

Compared to other releases you’ve put out, what makes this one unique?

In comparison to my releases over the last few years, Cerebral Impact is definitely a big step for me. Over the course of the last year I have been developing a lot of new sounds to bring to the table, and I feel this release is only the first step to the future of Z0uЯ.

Working with Warpaint Records, as compared to other labels or channels you’ve worked with, what appealed to you most?

Since working with Warpaint Records, I feel as if a lot has changed. I still have lots of respect for the past labels I’ve worked with, but Warpaint has definitively made its impact on me, and has provided me with more opportunities to further grow Z0uЯ, and has given me an amazing family of musicians who all are working so hard and support one another like I’ve never seen anywhere else. I couldn’t, or honored to be any happier to be a part of the Warpaint Tribe.

What other releases are you excited about getting out this year, and why?

Currently, I have a lot in the works, from singles, to EPs, and even remixes ready to roll out in the coming months so it’s hard to say which one in particular. But I am really excited to get an EP ready for release as soon as I can schedule a date for it with Warpaint, though it has no name yet, the music I am preparing for it will blow people away.

Where do you see the evolution of the bass scene going in the next few years?

Since I got into the scene myself in 2011, the bass scene has exploded with new musicians all pushing the boundaries of production. I think tracks are continually getting more and more innovative, and so many expansive and original sounds are being designed, I believe the bass scene has been here for awhile, and definitely isn’t going anywhere.

This is only the beginning for Z0uЯ, but it’s clear that right from the door he’s ready to make his Impact! You can take a listen below to Cerebral Impact, which is available everywhere digital music is sold.

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