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Warpaint Records, Warpaint Tribe, Warpaint Records Official, Venon, Hollywood, Control, Dubstep
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The Must Hear Compilation of The Year !

Blood Lines Vol.1 Warpaint Records and KJ Sawka’s Impossible Records unite to form a full-on bass assault. The beauty of Blood Lines, Vol. 1 is that the two labels provide strength together. These songs are proof of that. KJ Sawka elaborates: “Together we know that we...
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FOMO Shows Us How It Feels To Be ‘Missing You’

As the Warpaint Movement continues the march on its new warpath, we present you with another fresh release to propel our crusade onward. Our last record marked a milestone in the evolution of Warpaint, and the debut of our newest artist addition FOMO is serving to...
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Matt Kali Expands Warpaint’s Horizons

We are proud to present you with the debut single from the newest Warpaint addition, Matt Kali. The young, multi-talented artist began to amass his sizable online following when he started posting vocal cover videos on YouTube over six years ago. Through involvement...
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Control Has Us Trapped With ‘The Ritual’

We stoked the flames of the lyrical madman Control once again in order to bring you one of his most raw tracks yet. It has been just over a year since he teamed up with English Lit to drop their debut Warpaint collaboration. Since then, we have released numerous...
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Control Drops a Sultry Mix for iEDM Listen Here

  Featured Artist: Control ARTIST BIO Control is anything but your average Bass Music producer. Breaking free from the narrow confines of “EDM”, Control manages to paint a whole new soundscape, drawing on blues, rock, metal, and folk influences from his past...
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Oh, Andron Is Exorcising Our Demons

We warmly welcome Oh, Andron to our Tribe as he drops his heated Warpaint debut, Exorcism – a dubstep tune that is as diabolical as its title. With an immense sonic landscape that is both chaotic and theatrical, Exorcism paints an auditory tale befitting of any image...
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iso:Я Aims to Make You ‘Move’

Coming to us from halfway around the world, the Japanese dub-master iso:Я is bringing the heat for his debut Warpaint Records release in the form of a new two-track EP. Featuring the heavy-hitting Dubstep title track, as well as a banging Glitch Hop collaboration with...
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Auburn X is Redefining ‘Modern Music’ [Free Release]

Today we have a new single from one of the freshest artist additions to the Warpaint Tribe – Auburn X. This California producer is bringing the heat with his first Warpaint release, titled Modern Music – a dubstep track, with half time trap breakdowns, that uses...
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Bass Craft Has Everyone Ready to ‘Blast Off’

After unleashing his first single, Sexual Exposure with the Warpaint Tribe, New Jersey based artist and native, Bass Craft follows this huge tune with his debut EP, Blast Off. Which combines hip-hop, original vocals, trap and electro house to create a truly unique...
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Z0uЯ & Twang with Control are Ready to Make Their Impact!

We are very proud to announce Z0uЯ and Twang’s debut release with the Warpaint Tribe, featuring Warpaint mainstay Control’s vocals peppered throughout, this tune lives up to the hype. Starting off, the squad drop you into a dream-like atmosphere, where luscious...
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